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Hi everyone,

Sorry for not updating the site in a long time. I'm getting married this October,so with all the wedding planning going on and stuff , the website will not be updated as much, but I will do my best to update it. Thanks for your patience. If you have any suggesting or comments about the site please email

all comments are welcome. If you think I should add something email me if I need to take some stuff off let me know.


What an active Weekend we went through. We had some severe weather move through Southern New England on Saturday. Saturday actually started off dry, but quickly became cloudy and by 4:15pm a severe thunderstorm moved through producing winds up to 40mph plus and 0.66" of rain fell in less than 30minutes. Along with the rqain and wind the temperture took a nose dive in less than 10 minutes. It went from 80F donw to 67F. There was some minor flooding, but for the most part there were no major prblems on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon we exprenced a quick moving downpour, but it was nothing compared to Saturday afternoon. There was however a server thunderstorm warning for northern Bristol County and Plymouth county during the late afternoon hours. Finally Monday was a mostly dry day with just a 10 minute shower during the late afternoon hours in a few spots.

Highs for the most part were in the mid 80's for all 3 days. Sunmmer is sure with us. The stormy weather oattern should stick with us through this week.

Try to enjoy the dry times.



from the past few days


Parts of the country are still in need of some rain, below is estimated rainfall accross the country. There are still some places in drought conditions. check out that map below the rainfall map

Monthly Rainfall Estimate
US Drought Severity